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What does the Castle Lite Quick Chill do?

When you follow the instructions on the sachet, it cools your beer 43% faster than using "normal" ice would.

How does the Castle Lite Quick Chill Booster work?

By pouring it onto the ice, it lowers the freezing point of water (freezing point depression), allowing water to exist as a liquid at a lower temperature without turning to ice. This gets your beer cold in half the time it would normally take.

When will the Quick Chill pack be available?

Middle to late October, depending on where you are.

Where can I find the Castle Lite Quick Chill?

The Quick Chill pack will mostly be sold through Group Account liquor stores such as TOPS, Game Liquor, PnP Liquor, and others.

What packs do they make the Castle Lite Quick Chill in?

In a 12 X 440 can and in a 12 X 340 NRB multipack.

Can I buy the Boosters separately  or must I buy a whole multipack?

The only way to get a booster at the moment is to buy a Castle Lite Quick Chill Multipack.

My pack didn't have a Booster inside it, what can I do?

Check if your multipack has Quick Chill written on it: if it does and there was no Booster in the pack, call the consumer care line on 0860 12 14 14.

Is the Booster powder safe to consume?

Yes, the ingredients are all 100% food grade and safe to consume. High concentrations of the Extra Cold Booster powder may lead to a salty taste. Wipe if unpleasant.

I got Booster powDer in my eyes, what should I do?

Rinse the affected area with water.

Does the Booster powder stain?

No, the colourant is non-staining.

My cooler is now stained from the Quick Chill booster, what can I do?

The colourant is non-staining, so wipe your cooler with a cloth to remove any leftover residue.

What is it made of?

Food grade Sodium Chloride and colourant, which are safe to consume and non-staining respectively.

Is the liquid the same as "normal" Castle Lite?


Is this a promotional or permanent pack?

It is a promotional pack and will only be available for the summer.

How much should the Castle Lite Quick Chill Cost?

It is priced at the same price as the regular 340ml and 440ml multipacks, so you're getting the Quick Chill Booster technology for free.

What is the list price of the Quick Chill 440ml CAN?

List Price (Incl. Vat) R114.92

What is the list price of the Quick Chill 340ml NRB?

List Price (Incl. Vat) R97.14

What is the RSP of the Quick Chill 440ml CAN?

RSP R131.99

What is the RSP of the Quick Chill 340ml NRB?

RSP R110.99

What is the list price of the Quick Chill 440ml CAN?

List Price (Incl. Vat) R114.92

Can I still buy "Normal" Castle Lite multipacks?

Yes, the Quick Chill pack is released in addition to the normal multipacks specifically for the summer.

How many of the 440ml CAN multipacks fit on a pallet?


How many of the 340ml NRB multipacks fit on a pallet?


Why is it blue?

To emphasise that the blue ice is now super-cooled.

How big a cooler can the booster work on?

There is enough Extra Cold Booster powder in one sachet to super-cool a 26-litre cooler box (the mid-sized cooler).

What is the shelf life of the Quick Chill?

Refer to the Best Before date on the pack.