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    In 1994 at the start or a new democratic era in South Africa; a time or opportunity and possibility.

    Castle Lite arrived and shook up the market, changing the South African beer game forever.

    Our mission: to provide the coldest and most refreshing beer on the South African market.

    South African beers have progressed since then; and Castle Lite has always led the pack.

    The brand's first innovative move was changing from brown glass to green. And despite the evolution of the packaging over the last 20 years, the taste and quality hasn't changed.

    Our premium beer boasts a clear, golden liquid that goes down as smoothly as it always has.

    It's lower in kilojoules and contains 4.0% alcohol, but there's nothing light about the taste of Castle Lite. It matures at Extra Cold temperatures to unlock a crisper, cleaner taste; resulting in a medium-bodied refreshing lager with a distinct hopped bitterness and low sweetness.

    Lagared at -2.5 •c. served at -4 degrees Celsius and packaged with SA's first thermo chromic temperature indicator. Castle Lite is taking beer innovation to a whole new level of enjoyment. Innovation upon innovation, Castle Lite continues to introduce Extra Cold ways to unlock enjoyment.

    From the 440ml range to re-sealable bottles, world-class concerts to free music downloads.

    Castle Lite is dedicated to innovating so that you can unlock Extra Cold Refreshment.  


    Available in 340ml 6 and 12 packs, 440ml 8 packs with carry handles and returnable 660ml, you’ll have the perfect quantity of Extra Cold Refreshment for every possible occasion. Our new grip fits comfortably in your hand, and our ice-proof label is uniquely designed to stick to the bottle, meaning you can serve it the way it was intended to be served, Extra Cold.

    Castle Lite Bottle
  • CAN

    Castle Lite's Cold Rush Easy Flow cans provide you with the perfect pour. Simply grab a Can. flip, twist and enjoy the flow! Unlocking Extra Cold Refreshment has never been this easy. Cans are available as 330ml 6-pack or 440ml 4, 6 and 12-pack with a carry handle. Our aluminium cans are light to the touch - perfect for almost any occasion - but best enjoyed outdoors in the summer sun!

    Castle Lite Can
  • LIME

    Let us introduce you to a new member of the Castle Lite Extra Cold family - Castle Lite Lime. So, why lime? We're all about innovation, always looking to take the extra cold experience to the next level so we added a dash of lime flavour to South Africa's coldest beer. It's still your favourite beer - smooth, crisp and extra cold, just with a dash of lime flavour, adding an all-new icy-fresh extra cold refreshment experience.

    Castle Lite Lime

    The next time you’re out on the town, be on the lookout for our frozen-over Castle Lite draught taps. Clad in Extra Cold ice and poured at sub-zero degrees into 300ml and 500ml draught glasses, we assure you there’s no colder beer in the house. Our draught is drawn from the keg straight to our signature branded glass, allowing you to Unlock Extra Cold Refreshment with a smooth, crisp and great tasting beer.

    Castle Lite Draught